Hilltop Conservancy

“Preserving the quality of life and the resources of nature.”

The mission of the Hilltop Conservancy is to keep the Hilltop Reservation as a nature preserve that provides habitat for native wildlife and plant species; and a site that provides respite, enjoyment, and learning activities to the community.

Member Goals:

  • Provide and maintain walking trails within the Hilltop reservation, and map connections to trails enjoyed by hiking clubs.
  • Restore and maintain a meadow with native plants and flowers that provide food for birds and butterflies.
  • Provide nesting places for birds.
  • Inventory and publish a list of native plants and animals .
  • Maintain a website with information about the Hilltop Reservation and activities.
  • Make available written materials about the Hilltop Reservation and its history.
  • Increase the number of friends to the Hilltop Reservation by growing membership in the Hilltop Conservancy organization: meeting as a group to share ideas and tasks.

Hilltop Conservancy, Inc.
c/o Theresa Trapp
34 Depot Street
Verona, NJ 07044-1338

Website: http://www.hilltopconservancy.org/

e-mail: executivecommittee@hilltopconservancy.org

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